Pop Art & Decor Abstracts by Cor Beattie

Cor is an internationally established contemporary and modern artist focussing on Abstract and Pop Art exploration. Cor is an Ottawa, born and raised, creator who thrives on using a variety of mixed-media elements and abstract techniques to bring affordable art to everyone. Cor primarily works with acrylics, inks, concrete and resin on wood panels using a variety of tools including medical syringes.

Cor began his artisict journey in 2010 but officially joined the art community in 2014 when he applied to his first exhibition and subsequently won "Best New Artist". Since then, he is fortunate to have displayed and been an exhibitioner in over 100 venues and shows. Meeting and speaking to clients and supporters of the art community at art shows is one of Cor's favorite things about being a creator. It's all about connection!

Cor offers a refined and sophisticated feel to his works through experimentation of balance, color, composition and texture. His recent works focus more on playful colored portraits and abstractions by combining techniques, textures, glosses, resins and paint mediums.

His ultimate goal is to continue to bring colorful, impactful and affordable art to everyone regardless of their economic status. We all deserve to have beautiful things in our lives!

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